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Photographing couples is probably the most artistically fulfilling thing for me. I love seeing you in love, and capturing the unique dynamic of your relationship in photos. Whether your couples vibe is playful, raw, or gentle and sweet, let your love for each other show. Some couples are cozy couch snugglers while others want to play air guitar naked on a hilltop. However you find joy together, it's what makes your love authentically yours.

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This one is for the energetic and playful couples in the room. If you think that Tag should be an Olympic event and there’s no wrong time for a piggy back ride, this might be your vibe. There will be lots of laughter and movement while you showcase how much fun love can be. Whether you slow dance, breakdance, or don't dance, do it like nobody's watching. Just be free and let your energies come together in whatever way stirs your souls.


free spirits

This session is for the lovers who can give each other butterflies with just a look or a knowing smile. For those who just love being in love and want to be tender with one another. Lots of eye contact, kisses, and neck nuzzling that show how deep and intimate your love for each other has become.


the swooners

Why? Because we can!!! I wanna see you two doing what some say you shouldn't. I wanna see you do the things that Brenda from the Homeowner's Association petitioned to get you kicked out of the neighborhood for doing. If you want to strip down and steam up the windows together, I'm all for it. Sure it’s fun to wear pretty clothes and do the formal thing sometimes, but the skin you were born in is just as beautiful so see. Show you’re human by showing your butt! You won't need your clothes or your inhibitions for this session.

wild souls

the roguish

30 Minute Session
10 Digital Files
one location
(Local to 65270)


60 Minute Session
30 Digital Files
one location



Some people are content to work the 9 to 5 and take the kids to soccer and then watch whatever is on the DVR until they fall asleep every day until their time is up. Others constantly seek something beyond the mundane that makes them feel truly alive and a part of everything, even if only for a moment. Tie up your boots and hike until you see the clouds beneath you or sit by a lake where the water is so still it looks like glass. This session is about creating a memory of you in a special place. I am able to travel almost anywhere and have the know to some incredible locations around the U.S. Or, we can hop in the car and make it a day trip to find the perfect spot for you somewhere in Missouri.

120 minutes 
-40 digitals


the adventure seeker